Pay Per Lead – Why It’s an Effective Way to Get Sales Leads

Is Pay Per Lead an effective way to build sales? We think it is…

If you’re a business owner, it’s extremely likely that your number one day-to-day focus is in getting sales. Selling your services or products is what feeds the business beast and enables you to keep the business going and pay staff, and importantly, yourself.

Without a steady stream of sales, everything dries up and the cashflow suffers.

There are many ways to get sales, and given the drive of new technology, but given the current drive towards a more digital marketing approach, you’d be forgiven for thinking traditional methods were obsolete.

However, a fusion of traditional approach and more modern methods can yield the best results, and that’s where the pay-per-lead model can benefit.

If you’ve been tempted to try SEO or sponsored search, you’ll know that there’s sometimes a significant outlay of costs before you can begin to see the benefits of it.

Trying to get your website into the top ten can seem like an impossible task, and even when it’s there, how do you turn those visitors into customers?

But paying for leads seems so outdated, you probably haven’t even considered it as an option.

The days of leads being handed out to an eager sales team have surely long gone? Isn’t everything done online these days?

Well, no, pay per lead is still going strong, and there are lots of reasons why.

The lead is already warm

When using any form of paid advertising, you’re never sure that the people reading your advert actually need your products. Your prospects are cold, they’re not looking to buy, so why would they engage with you?

If they do engage with you, then they will often look at what your website offers (costing you for the click) and then go somewhere else if you don’t have an effective way of capturing the lead.

With pay per lead, they’re already warm.

When the lead has been passed to you, they’ve already shown that they’re interested in your product, they actually want to speak to someone who can help them. That someone is you. All you have to do then is close the deal.

You don’t pay for unwanted clicks

Another benefit is that you will only ever get leads from people who are interested. You don’t pay for wasted clicks, adverts that don’t reach your target market or “tyre-kickers”.

Most advertising revenue is wasted in this way.

The old way of advertising is an all-or-nothing approach where the name of the game is to get the advert in front of as many people as possible then increase the conversion rate.

With pay per lead, you only pay for what you get

Pay per lead works by simply allowing you to buy the contact details of someone who is already interested in your product.

You pay an amount – you get a lead.

That lead is warm. They’ve already shown an interest, and they’re ready to be sold to.

This method of getting sales leads is as old as the hills.

Much like the days of asking a telesales team to contact business owners on your behalf, the new digital pay-per-lead methods mix new technology with old.

Give us a try today, and increase your sales this week!

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